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Gage Brymer

Gage Brymer Courtside in Greece

Hello all,

My apologies for the lack of posts over the past few weeks. The competition has been strong here in Greece and I’ve been trying to stay as focused as possible. One of the most prominent realizations I’ve had on this trip is how much I have been able to improve in ways only possible in a competitive environment.

Between my pre-qualifying, qualifying, and main draw matches, I’ve had very few non-competition days. Playing practice sets at home and on my off days here has been beneficial, but the pressure of tournament play is unmatched. I have discovered new ways to improve both mental and physical aspects of my game thanks to the stress of consistent, high intensity competition.

My success in the prequalifying/wildcard tournament last week has earned me a main draw wildcard into this week’s event. As this has allowed me to bypass qualifying, I’ve had a few days off to recover and start play tomorrow.



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